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Our services, including network and phone cabling along with computer repairs

Welcome to Computer Repairs on Wheels, we are Brownville Texas' premier provider of fast, efficient and convenient computer repair services at very reasonable rates.

With over three decades of experience in computer repair, network, cabling services, surveillance systems installations and repair, no one else comes close to the convenience Computer Repairs on Wheels' services provide its customers. 

Our goal is provide professional computer support services to homeowners and business owners alike in Brownsville, Sort Isabel /South Padre Island, San Benito, Harlingen and other surrounding areas in the state of Texas, USA.

Among the services we offer are:

Computer Troubleshooting - From the simple to the most complicated computer issues, we're sure to find the underlying causes of your computer's most perplexing problems.

Networking Service (router/switch connection, etc.) - We deliver first-rate network cabling services at very affordable prices.

Virus Detection & Removal - If your computer's performance is greatly affected by a virus, we're sure to find out what it is that's causing the problem and completely remove it from your computer, ensuring your computer regains its optimal efficiency in no time.

Hardware Installation - Whatever hardware you need installed, we've got your needs covered! We do installation right - the first time, every time!

Wiring Services - We'll wire your computer, telecommunications or CCTV systems quickly, efficiently and at very fair rates.

Telephone Line and Repairs - If you're experiencing problems with your telephone lines, Computer Repairs on Wheels is the first and only name you'll need to remember!

CCTV surveillance Cameras & DVR Installations and Repair - Whether it's surveillance installation or repair you need, let the experts at Computer Repairs on Wheels handle it with ease. You're sure to love the quality of service we provide as well as our budget-friendly rates!

Next time you need Brownsville computer repairs, CCTV installation or telephone lines repair, choose the company with your best interests at heart - choose Computer Repairs on Wheels!

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Computer Troubleshooting 
Networking Service (router/switch connection, etc.)
Virus Detection & Removal
Hardware Installation
Wiring Services
Telephone Systems and Repairs 
CCTV surveillance Cameras & DVR Repair 
CCTV surveillance Cameras & DVR Instalations

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